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VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – It is amazing that we are fast approaching August.  It has been a very interesting year of not always having to look at the calendar, but we are getting close to our usual time for Vacation Bible School.  This year, our VBS will not be usual.  Join us as we gather online for VBS in 2020, and please register here for our YouTube VBS.  Since we are online, any age can participate in our VBS.  Check out our character opening here.

Each Sunday, we will gather for a parking lot kickoff to VBS at 6 p.m.  This kickoff will last around 15 minutes, and we will introduce the theme for the week and enjoy some distanced fellowship. All are welcome to attend the opening.

We will also have craft pick-up from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., so even if you are unable to make it to the kickoff, you will still be able to pick-up the craft for the week.  If you will not be able to make it for one of the craft pick-up times, please let me know, and I will prepare multiple weeks for you.  We will also collect 'Back to School' items during this time.

     July 26th - Moses and the 10 Commandments
  August 2nd - Daniel in the Lion's Den
  August 9th - A New Heaven and a New Earth
Each week will include 7 videos with a total running time of approximately an hour.  Video links will be shared as a playlist and also as a master cut on our YouTube page.  You are in control of how you watch the videos, so they can be binged all at one time or spread out throughout the week.

On Sunday, August 16th, at 6 p.m., we will have a socially distanced picnic to close out our VBS.  We will grill, sing songs and enjoy some community.  As part of our closing celebration, we will also make a video of your kids taking part in our VBS.  Please send pictures or videos of your kids participating in different parts of the videos.


     Easy access to videos by week, using the Playlist or Mastercut rows below.


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Video Event Playlist              7-26                      8-2                         8-9

  gives links to individual

  videos for the current weeks

  VBS events, e.g., Music,

  Crafts, etc.


VBS MasterCut Video           7-26                      8-2                         8-9

   Each of these are a single

   video which includes all

   videos for the date you


Photos:   e-mail them to Andy or upload them yourself to  They will then get displayed here, so all members can enjoy the fantastic VBS events, children and volunteers.
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